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About Tracy Lynn

A “people person.” A small business owner and independent contractor for three decades. 

Tracy is a “Jill of all Trades” and has enjoyed several careers including one as a professional sign language interpreter, another as VP of a guitar manufacturing company, and as a volunteer manager for a youth mentoring agency in Chatham County.

She holds a 2014 B.A. from UNC-CH in Cultural Geography with a minor in City and Regional Planning, as well as a certificate in green building from Central Carolina Community College. 

Her father was incorrectly diagnosed with Alzheimers and sent to a psychiatric geriatric unit. With diligent advocacy, she brought him home to live out his years on their Pennsylvania family farm while managing a team of 24/7 caregivers, long-distance. The disposition of a five-generation estate and a little real estate savvy led to a niche in working one on one with seniors who are downsizing and moving. 

A resident of Pittsboro since 2002, she is deeply connected to her community in Chatham County and her son who is a U.S. Marine and employee of Truckin’ Movers and Truckin’ for Seniors. For fun, she refurbished a 1984 Airstream in her backyard and plays music in her spare time.

Tracy is a part of the The National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) and a certified Senior Move Manager.

Professional Options for Seniors

The Origin Story

“Fall 1969, I transferred from UCLA’s Dept. of Health  Education in the School of Public Health to the  equivalent department at UNC when our department  head transferred from UCLA to UNC. In 1973, Roland  and Wendy were traveling in Central America and  Mexico, and I talked them into coming to NC. They  loved it so much, Roland returned to CA to purchase  a small moving van to move their things to NC. Thus began his career as a mover. In the mid-80’s, I’d  returned to school to complete my BA at UNC and  subsequent MA at NC Central. Because CH Movers  didn’t pack, and I was experienced at organizational  management and relocation from having previously  worked at Truckin’ Movers, CHMC and my company became a tag team my last year at Central. My  business mission was to provide a living wage for  working mothers. We were all women with advanced  degrees. My original intention was to provide this  service for a semester at most, but my second job  was for two widowed seniors who met at a painting  class at the Art Center in Carrboro and decided to  move in together. Because I’ve always loved  people’s stories, I gravitated naturally to clinical  psychology. 

During that time, every day the woman would come  into the room in which I was working and tell me a  story about her life. That went on for 2 ½ weeks.  At the end of that time, I was hooked. Hence,  Professional Options for Seniors (PROS) was  launched. And from then until TM purchased  the business in 2021 in a full-circle transaction, we  went full-tilt boogie and never looked back.  

This is why: Seniors 80 and above are the fastest  growing segment of the US population. The  organizational and physical tasks associated with  planning and implementing a move can be  overwhelming for seniors about to transition.  Frequently adult children are unable to assist for a  variety of reasons; in other cases, there may be no  adult children. Therefore, senior move management  has emerged to fill the gaps and make transitions  easier for all involved. 

To expand on the ‘full-circle’ theme, my cousin  Roland contracted Parkinson’s Disease-a chronic and  debilitating illness-around 2000. In time, he needed  around-the-clock care. Enter Tracy Lynn. As soon as  I met her, I knew Tracy was someone “special.” I  loved her passion and highly evolved work ethic and standards. My cousin was formidable before he  became ill, and his illness added to that exponentially. Tracy had an uncanny ability to  “manage” him. He responded more favorably to her  than anyone else (save his family) who worked with  him. In addition to being extremely intelligent, she’s  uncommonly competent in dealing with seniors, and  managing their affairs and families. So much so, that  I immediately offered her a job working with us when  she was free to move on. Hence, another full-circle moment. 

It’s my thesis that for my business to grow and  flourish, it pays to hire people who are smarter and  more creative than I. And Tracy, more than most,  steps right into those shoes. Her combination of  intelligence, common sense, empathy, passion for her  work, and integrity are second to none. All  fundamental qualities to have while working with  seniors and their families. For all those reasons, and  many more, I felt completely comfortable turning our  marketing in addition to marketing and sales, Tracy is highly organized at how to approach a given job, including getting an overview of what’s called for from connecting with adult children of seniors to CCRC staff to working with the movers on a game plan and seeing it from outset to end.  She works well with others and, in addition to being highly organized, is a natural leader.”

-Lee Glenn

Former Owner and Operator of Professional Options for Seniors

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