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Kate Faherty - August 2022

  • ★★★★★

Your service and your team get 5 stars!

Lee Glenn - January 2022

  • ★★★★★

My cousin and former owner of Chapel Hill Moving Company, Roland, contracted Parkinson’s Disease. In time, he needed around-the-clock care. Enter Tracy Lynn. As soon as I met her, I knew Tracy was someone “special.” I loved her passion and highly evolved work ethic and
standards. My cousin was formidable before he became ill, and his illness added to that
exponentially. Tracy had an uncanny ability to “manage” him. He responded more favorably to her than anyone else (save his family) who worked with him. In addition to being extremely intelligent, she’s uncommonly competent in dealing with seniors, and managing their affairs and families. So much so, that I immediately offered her a job working with us at Professional Relocation Options when she was free to move on. Tracy’s combination of intelligence, common sense, empathy, passion for her work, and integrity are second to none. Tracy is highly organized at how to approach a given job, including getting an overview of what’s called for from connecting with adult children of seniors to CCRC staff to working with the movers on a game plan and seeing it from outset to end. She works well with others and, in addition to being highly organized, is a natural leader.

Pat Devine - JAnuary 2022

  • ★★★★★

Love and HUUUUGEST thanks to you ALWAYS, dearest Tracy. I’m gonna share your cards here in the Admissions Office at Carol Woods. Beautiful to spend time with you.

Dietz Kessler - JAnuary 2023

  • ★★★★★

Tracy of Truckin’ Movers was in charge of my move. She hired 2 more workers and moved the contents of my room in the nursing home of Carolina Meadows Retirement Community to my new apartment in the
Assisted Living building right across the street. Everything was moved promptly and in good condition. Tracy is a good communicator – in preparing me for the move a few days ahead of time, in explaining the billing, and with peppy good cheer on moving day. She interacted well
with my son who came to town for the move, and the Home Care Aide who
has been helping me. All in all, a great experience!

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